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Our 43 decorative wire grilles are manufactured from various gauges of steel wires that are custom crimped and woven to create the designs. We start with round, square or flat wires in many different sizes or thicknesses.

We then “crimp” the wires using custom machinery.

After the wires are crimped, they are ready to be woven together to create the designs we offer.

The standard sheet sizes we create from our production runs are 48″ X 72″ (not available on the designs RE-25, MD-11, 286S, DK-08, and MJ-09), 36″ X 48″ and 24″ X 72″.

Our production capabilities can allow for larger sheet sizes and custom sheet production – see the Custom Info tab, above, and contact KDM for details.

Lead-time for all orders of standard sheets is 4 weeks.